Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What a Lovely DAY !!!

2day was a great day although I was so tired coz I didn't sleep well last night and I woke up at 6 am to say BON VOYAGE to my father who went to Jordan,and the school was so gay, but after school I hanged out with 2 of my friends (Karam & Mustafa L.), we went 1st to my place at around 2 PM then at 3 PM we took a Taxi to AL-HARTHYA (Restaurants St.) to Karam's house, I tuned his classic guitar and gave him a short guitar lesson, then we went to (City Center Restaurant) but we found it closed so we went to (Moonlight Restaurant) and had our lunch there, after that we went to (Rock Records) just to C what's new in Music and we found nothing really new, I bought 3 CD's that contains all (Shania Twain) Clips, after that we returned back to Karam's place and I open my e-mail there and I received an e-mail from my friend (Mussab)-the one who went to Satriani's concert- sending me the websites that contain the pics. But unfortunately I couldn't open them, every time I try to open one of them the usual error page appear saying (This Page Cannot Be Displayed bla bla bla) so I'm a bit depress about it, then I took a Taxi with my friend Mustafa L. and returned back home, At around 7 pm I went to a small market in our street and bought some stuffs like (Head And Shoulders Shampoo, Americana Ketchup and a box of a great chocolate called M-JOY), I saw my friend (Ahmed) there and he offered me to go with him in small ride in his BMW 735i and of course I said YEAH Y NOT !!! It was a great ride (Wish U were with us) all the ride we listened to latest Nightwish's CD (ONCE), It's a great CD, after that I returned back home, Watching some DVD's , had my dinner and here I am writing N' wasting my time here, but hey IT'S WORTH IT, OK gotta practice guitar now….. Later


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