Friday, December 24, 2010

Iam 22 !

yes ! today is my 22nd Birthday !
love the number, but i still feel like im 18 lol ! & I can't believe that it's been a year since I had my xmas vacation in Atlanta..I miss that place, it was a very nice vacation...
it's been a great year overall, tiring but had I did manage to accomplish some of my dreams :) I look forward to 2011 and hope to be more organized to start blogging again and start writing MORE and make it my own diary online, will do my best (Promise!)..Wish you (whoever reads my blog :-P) a wonderful holiday and happy new year :) enjoy it to the MAX !

here's a cool xmas jam i recorded with my bro earlier today

hope you like it !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 List of Albums/EP

here's a list of most of the music i liked/listened to & discovered within this great year... (in no particular order):

Periphery 2010
TesseracT 2010 EP
Karnivool 2009 Album
Cynic 2010 EP
Revocation 2009 Album
Exodus 2010
Nevermore 2010
Mutiny Within 2010
Iron Maiden 2010
Jon Oliva's Pain 2010
Black Country Communion
James Labrie 2010
Suffokate 2010
Animals as Leaders 2009
Chimp Spanner 2009
Aeonspoke 2007
Joe Bonamassa 2010
Carnifex 2010
Paul Gilbert 2010
Stealing Axion 2010 EP
god of War 2010 EP
Jimi Hendrix 2010 Album
Veil of Maya 2010 EP
Whitechapel 2010 Album

and a list of more albums to be released in near future :

Joe Satriani 2010
Steve Vai 2011
Yngwie Malmsteen 2011
John Petrucci 2011
Symphony X 2011
Opeth 2011
Testament 2011
Jordan Rudess 2011
Alex Skolnick Trio 2011
Dream Theater 2011
Haunted Shores 2011
Periphery 2011 EP

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Concert I've been to

9-21-2008 Iced Earth, Into Eternity & Saviours

here's a list of all the concerts I attended in the past 23 months (since I moved to the states) was a dream for me to see such big names who had big influence on me musically...will update all the side notes soon..more concerts coming Aug.2010 !

10-9-2008 Joe Satriani, Mountain *2nd Concert, 1st concert to see him Live !

10-18-2008 Yngwie J.Malmsteen

12-21-2008 Trans-Siberian Orchestra *1st concert, went VIP and got to meet with the Band & got to know Alex Personally :) *It was Alexa Goddard's 21st B-Day as well !

4-18-2009 Peppino D'Agstiono

5-6-2009 Lamb of god/As I Lay Dying/Children of Bodom/Municipal Waste

5-16-2009 Testament/Unearth & Lazarus A.D *1st time to see Testament & Meet Them VIP :)

5-24-2009 Opeth/Enslaved *1st time to see Them also it was Yeman's 1st Metal Concert

6-13-2009 Threat Signal/Flatline/The Agonist/Thy Will Be Done *1st time to see Threat Signal & Meet My goodfriend Travis Montgomery

7-20-2009 YES/Asia

8-8-2009 Chickenfoot/Backdoor Slam *2nd time to see Joe Satriani Live :)

9-25-2009 Tommy Emmanuel/Rick Price *1st time to see & get to Meet Tommy Emmanuel With Yeman :)

11-24-2009 Planetary Depravity Tour (The Faceless/Dying Fetus/Beneath The Massacre/Vital Remains/Suffokate & Enfold Darkness) *Heaviest show to date ! got to meet with Mike Faceless and Vital Remains

12-27-2009 Trans-Siberian Orchestra *1st time to go with family,also to meet with Alex Skolnick with Yeman for the 3rd Time

1-23-2010 Between The Buried & Me/Cynic/Devin Townsend Project & Scale The Summit *one of my favorite shows ever, got to meet with all the bands, wonderful setlist

2-2-2010 Threat Signal/Blackguard *2nd time seeing TS & Travis,1st time to see someone playing EB Stealth JP LIVE

3-6-2010 Alex Skolnick Trio/Rodrigo Y Gabriela *4th Time to Meet with Alex !

3-8-2010 Overkill

4-10-2010 Mutiny Within/Sonata Arctica/ *

4-21-2010 Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Beethoven's Last Night Spring Tour) *Got to meet all the band, took pix with Roddy Chong & Vitalij Kuprij

7-2-2010 DREAM THEATER/Beatallica *1st time to see & MEET my favorite band Dream Theater,drove all the way to Columbus-OH to see them...Best Concert I've ever been too so far !

7-17-2010 Iron Maiden/Dream Theater *2nd concert at DTE Music Theater, Went with Karam *his 1st concert in U.S ! 1st time to see Iron Maiden, 2nd time to see DT in 2 weeks :)