Friday, March 11, 2005

3 Days Stories !!!

OMG the weather is really bad here coz it's raining heavily and all the streets are covered with water and mud but the good thing is that the electricity is still on, that's kind weird. I'm posting now using my NEW PC, anyway, as I told U before I'm having exams, I got 70 in Biology and I think that's a good mark compared to my friends' marks, the Computer exams was like hell and I don't think I'm gonna pass it well but U know what, I know alota of things about Windows and DOS but this sick program called PASCAL is just $h!t, I hate it and I still don't know Y the teachers keep teaching it in my school !, I really should stop writing about my exams coz it's really piss me off.
On Thursday I went to Amin's house and stay the night there, then on Friday I went with my friends to the football game from 7:30 to 11 PM, we stayed till 11 coz it was raining and we had fun there so we kept playing football, It was a great game, but I'm tired now and my right elbow is hurting me coz I slipped and fell unto it in the game, Ouch it's hurting me now.
My friend (Mussab) who lives in (Auckland-NZ) right now will go to Joe Satriani Concert 2day-Saturday- at 8 PM (Auckland time), I wish I was going with him but I'm stucked in this $h!t country, also he'll go to Mark Knopfler (Of DIRE STRAITS band) concert next Saturday, I WANNA LEAVE THIS COUNTRY, I WANNA SEE REAL PEOPLE, I WANNA LIVE IN PEACE NOT WAR. Yeah I'm pissed off at the moment, so C YA all later and............... Peace to the entire world

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