Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Oscars and Grammys

Hey, it's been along time since I last post somethin', but I've sold my PC 2 weeks ago and I'm gonna get a new one next week, I'm using my father's laptop at the moment.
I watched Oscar festival yesterday and I think it was fair for most of the movies except for "Passion of the Christ", the make-up was great, the story rulez, and of course the DIRECTING "MEL GIBSON ROCKS", he's my favorite actor.
About Jamie Foxx he deserves the Oscar for this year coz he was the best, I saw RAY movie and I think that all of U should see it NOW.
I'm waiting for the Grammy's on TV, I saw the list of winners for the Grammy for this year and I didn't like it, coz I think many bands and guitarist should get it for this year, like Steve Vai's song "Whispering a Prayer" It was great U should listen to it, it's one of my favorite music of all the time and HE DIDN'T GET GRAMMY!! also Cradle of Filth's song "Nymphetamine" didn't get the award, I know that Velvet Revolver rocks and their music is great but not like Cradle's Nymphetamine, FUCK THE GRAMMYS, anyway I g2g now C YA all…………later

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