Saturday, March 12, 2005

Joe Satriani in NZ and I'm having exams !!!

2day is Sunday; I woke up 2day at exactly 7 AM, I got dressed and went to school, I was supposed to have Math exam but I didn't read it very well and I was afraid of the questions coz my class teacher told us that the questions will be difficult, so I went to the math teacher and I told him that I didn't read the subject so he told me to not enter the class in the Exams hour , so I went out, after one and a half hour my friends who were in the exam came out and told me that the questions were like hell and most of them won't pass it with good marks, actually to tell the truth I read the subject but I was afraid of the questions as I said above, I'm gonna have the math exam next week maybe on Teusday, anyway after the school I returned back home, I open Yahoo Messenger at 2 PM coz I was waiting to my friend (Mussab)-who wents to Joe Satriani's concert on yesterday (Saturday)- to tell me about the concert, and I talked to him till 3:30 PM, he told me that the concert was great and it lasts for 3 hours, and that Satriani is an amazing guy, my friend was in the 1st row in the concert ,he was only 5 m away from Satriani ,he told me that he was so close to bring me one of his-Satriani's- guitar Picks that he threw after every song but the guy next to him took it, also he told me that he could easily get on the stage but he didn't coz as U know there is something called SECURITY there unlike here, heh,
He couldn't take any pics. Coz the cameras were not allowed but he told me that the guy next to him has promised him to send him the pics. Coz this guy was holding a small digital SONY camera in his hand and he took many pics. In the concert, I'm waiting for the pics. At the moment, also next Saturday Mussab will go to Mark Knofpler concert, I can't believe it, 2 concert in just a week !!! And to who?? SATRIANI AND KNOFPLER!! Man this guy –mussab- is so so so lucky, and I'm LUCK! *bad joke* ok c ya later.............

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