Sunday, September 12, 2004

Monday is a GREAT day !!!

Well Hi again,This monday was really really great coz in the morning and exactly at 8 AM I went to a football game with my best friends AMIN,ZAID & Muhammed and it was a good game then at 11 Am we returned home.(ACTUALLY I RETURNED 2 AMIN'S HOUSE COZ IT'S ALSO MY HOME !!!).We get our cloths and swimming suits and we went to Muhammed's house then we hired a taxi and went to the swimming pool in Babylon Hotel.THE POOL was great,There was 2 pools one is inside the hotel and the other is outside and both were great we went to the steam room also and then we jumped into the cold water WOW IT WAS REALLY GREAT THANKX GUYS 4 THIS DAY HOPE WE CAN MAKE IT AGAIN TILL THEN C YA.

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