Saturday, May 28, 2005


Hey all…..
Today was MAYBE the BEST DAY IN MY LIFE, so I'm gonna talk about it WITH FULL DETAILS coz IT WAS JUST GREAT,
I woke up at around 8:30 am, I had my breakfast, got dressed then I went to pick up Mustafa and go to Umar's house, then we went to our 1st MATH LESSON IN THIS HOLIDAY for the 6th grade, the teacher was really good, It was good lesson from 10 am to 12 pm. After that umar's father came to take us home but I told him that I wanna go to KARADH to buy some cloths-actually I lied about this coz I wanted to C my guitar master (Saad Zai) and spend some time with this GREAT MAN- anyway so he drove me there, I went to Saad's place but he wasn't there yet so I sit down waiting for him, then a guy came and asked for Saad and I told him that I dunno where he's so he called him by the cell phone and Saad told him that he would come within 15 or 30 mins. So we-me and the guy- talked about Music, guitars and things like that, he was a great guy, he wasn't much into Hard/Metal Music coz he likes Classical music more than anything so we talked about Classical music, then Saad Showed up, the guy took a classical guitar lesson at first then Saad recorded some music for him to practice with on CD, then MY TURN came, and since it was only me and Saad in his shop so I DECIDED to take a GREAT LONG LESSON and so it was, he gave me a FULL BOOK filled with NOTES & TECHNIQUES and he recorded a full CD of exercises after that I talked to him for about an hour then I asked him to play some of his greatest music, so he plugged his NEW classic guitar into the amp. And played some of the greatest classical music like (Romance and some symphonies for Mozart & Bach) then he plugged the Electric one and he opened Fruity Loop program to arrange the drums tempo. And he started to playing his own song called (Death Wishes) then Thrash Metal song, Thrash Rap, Arabic Metal song and then he started again to play Mozart & Bach but this time it was much better with the electric coz he used more than 5 effects with each music, he played both of them with high e-motions and It was just great to watch him playing, he did some of his tricks like (Tapping with hands and tapping with the pick.) it was so great WISH U ALL WERE THERE, then we talked about music and about his favorite guitarist, then at about 4 pm I took a taxi and returned home. I had my lunch then at 5pm Dr.Zaid's family came to our house, I talked with Raya about the guitar she wants to buy and she agreed about the price, I'll ask Saad to bring it to me, It's a great piece of musical instruments-A Classical YAMAHA guitar (C40)-, maybe I'm gonna take it next Tuesday when I go to Saad. Anyways at 9pmI took a COLD Shower and here I am writing this great post, I gotta eat my dinner now so catch u all later…..
Sam :D

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