Thursday, May 26, 2005


Hey friends,
Sorry for not posting in the past days but I was in hell busy with my final exams, I've finished them yesterday, I'll get my marks next Monday, I hope I'll pass with good average, now I'm gonna be in the 12th grade (6th class) and as U know it's the last year in High School so I gotta study hard this year, oh God, I REALLY HATE STUDYING !!!
Tomorrow I'm gonna have my first Math Lesson at 10 to 12 pm, then I'll go to my guitar master (Saad Zai) to take guitar lesson, My mom and bro. will go to Syria next Wednesday I was supposed to go with them but then I decided not to go coz I think being ALONE in the house is better than Going on a TRIP with FAMILY !!! I'm gonna ROCK my house next week so if U hear a loud music or things like that that means I'm ALONE in the HOUSE !!! hehhe anyways, I gotta Surf through the net now, so Post t'y all later.....
Sam ;)
P.S: There's a great band called (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) I really recommanded listening to them check this link

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