Friday, May 8, 2009

Lamb of God/No Fear Energy Tour 2009 (@ Fillmore Detroit) Review

No Fear Energy Tour Featuring..

Children of Bodom
God Forbid
Municipal Waste
& As I Lay Dying

Finally ! I got to see them 2 nights ago playing in downtown Detroit @ the Fillmore Theater...

doors were open @ 5:30 pm, but I got there around 7pm, just in time when (Municipal Waste) took the stage,played 30 mins.set,they were alright! good choice to warm-up the crowd !

Lamb of god were the headliners with 4 other supporting bands (Children of Bodom,God Forbid,As I Lay Dying & Municipal Waste)..

Children of Bodom were the 2nd act,they played for 1 hour starting @ 7:45 pm, I myself not a big fan of Children...but they started the whole deathcirlce/moshpit shits & it went crazy as they started playing (Hate Me) & (Downfall).....Alexi said that he's in pain coz of his Broken Shoulder & that he has an Internal Bleeding !,he fall from his sleeping bunk and went straight to the ground on their tour bus just days ago ! he didn't move on the stage, just little & he focused more on his playing which is better for sure ! U can tell from his facial expression that HE IS in Pain !

then it was the intermission time for 30 mins.while the tech.were working on setting the stage for (As I Lay Dying) they played for 45 mins.till 9:45,EMO core shits,not my thing ! but many of the crowd audience went crazy!

just b4 lamb of god took the stage, some Tech. dude started giving away Free T-Shirts & Picks ! I managed to get 1 pick only...they all disappeared in seconds !

everyone got more excited & started screamin' with all their power (Lamb of god..Lamb of god)...

Lamb of god took the stage @ 10:10 pm & played for 85 mins nonstop !!! they were on fuckin fire !

.I was on the right side of the stage,right in front Mark Morton,once they came the whole crowd went crazy & it got really ugly that made me leave and go back all the way to the end of the theater to get a better view/sound from the band !! the first 4 rows were moving like an oceanwave !!! the band was so fuckin' heavy that they screwed the whole PA system ! I started to hear noises & couldn't hear Randy's voice @ all ! that's when I got lil depressed !

I then went to left side of the stage where (Willie Adler&John Campbell ) were playing,the sound got better ! & it went Brutal this time !! drinks started to fly from no where ! & we all got wet with beer,water & some bodily fluids lol ! ppl.from the 2nd level of the theater started to jump to the ground, bodies started to move throughout the crowd ! Thank God I didn't get caught in the whole circle of Death ! I'm not the type of guy who goes crazy & start kicking others...I prefer to watch the band,hear the music & Study the whole thing ! it's like an educational thing for me !

nonetheless it was an awesome night & Pure Metal Experience....nothing beats the energy Lamb of god generates ! they r so fuckin' awesome ! I'm totally blown away from their presence ! Randy's voice was killer ! Mark Morton & John Campbell were scary ! Willie Adler is a bad@$$, hilarious & funny as hell ! Chris Adler ! My Man ! so classy ! amazing talent ! his skills r beyond anything I've seen,he commands the whole band & keep'em tight like none's business ! he didn't speak a word,but kept saluting & smiling to the Crowd the whole time, big guy !

Great Night !

Lamb of god Setlist:

1-The Passing (Intro)...*
2-In Your Words*
3-Set To Fail*
4-Walk With Me In Hell
6-Now You Got Something To Die For
8-Dead Seeds*
9-Blacken the Cursed Sun
10-Grace (With Extended Intro/Solo)*
11-Broken Hands *
12-Laid to Rest
13-Contractor *

14-Reclamation *
16-Black Label

*Songs from The New Album (Wrath) -8 songs-

Children of Bodom Setlist:

1-Silent Night, Bodom Night
2-Hate Me!
3-Hellhounds on My Trail
4-Living Dead Beat
5-Angels Don't Kill
6-Bodom Beach Terror
7-In Your Face

As I Lay Dying Setlist :

2-Through Struggle
3-Nothing Left
5-An Ocean Between Us
6-Empty Hearts
7-Within Destruction
8-Meaning in Tragedy
9-The Sound of Truth
10-94 Hours

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