Tuesday, April 5, 2005

My MARKS !!!

I got my marks for the 3rd quarter Exam, SOME of them are good but the other SUX, and I got:

97 in Religion
73 in Arabic Language
93 in English Language
45 in French Language (I hate French Language coz it's so dull and also not only me who got 45 in French, everybody in the class got 45)
50 in Computer Science (The questions were HELL)
75 in Biology
65 in Chemistry (it must be 70 not 65 but the teacher*@#!$%)
75 in Physics
And finally 78 in SPORT!!!! CAN U BELIEVE THIS??

U may ask WHERE THE HELL IS THE MATH! well I had my exam a week ago an till now the teacher didn't give me my mark so I will add it later when I got my mark,
Gotta win the fight with my family about my marks so C YA

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